3 Styles, 1 church

We believe that true worship is the greatest gift we can bring to the Lord. It’s in worship that the Word is preached and lives are transformed by its power. We offer three worship services on Sunday morning. While the same message is preached at all three services, each service offers its own unique style and music. We also have children's, student, and adult groves available at different times on Sunday mornings

8:15 Café

The Café Service, held in the Barclay Building, provides a relaxed, intimate atmosphere with moving contemporary acoustical music led with a simple acoustic guitar and percussion. Many of our seats are around tables adding to the café feel to the room.

9:30 Traditional

The Traditional Service is held in the Sanctuary and offers inspirational worship music led by the organ, piano, and Chancel Choir, and is often enhanced by the Bell Choir and soloists. After the worship service, we invite you to our Fellowship Hall for coffee, snacks and conversation.

There are also children's small groups at 9:30 in the educational wing, as well as adult groves for those who are attending one of the other services. More details can be found here.

11:00 Electric

This contemporary service, held in the Barclay Building, offers higher-energy praise and worship music with the full praise band including guitars, a keyboard and full drum set. The music is a mix of modern praise music and traditional hymns led by the band. We also encourage you to hang around after worship for fellowship with others. Our hospitality team provides snacks and beverages after worship.

There are children and adult groves that meet in the main building during this time for those who have already worshiped in another service. 


Hebron's leadership has considered the following when it comes to Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) as an act of worship. First, our worship is not limited to worship services. We are given the privilege of worshiping Jesus 24/7. Sitting at the computer and giving online can be as much an expression of a passionate, God-directed heart as dropping an envelope in the plate. Second, what better way is there to offer first fruits, than to prioritize your financial commitments through online budgeting? Third, the essence of godly giving is a worshipful heart (Matthew 15:1-9 and John 4:23). Therefore, those giving to the Lord through EFT’s may whole-heartedly worship Him each time they give electronically.