Realm directory Picture Day

Wednesday, August 30 from 7:00-9:00 PM in the second Barclay classroom. Sign up here.

If you need to schedule a different alternate picture day/time, please email Dan Bender.

** Please do not wear blue for pictures as the background will be blue. **

Realm connect

Pro Tips and FAQs

  • Stay connected to our church wherever you go by downloading the free Connect – Our Church Community for iPhone and Android devices after receiving your invitation via email. (Didn't receive an email? Email Jodie.) Use it to communicate with your groups, RSVP to events, manage your giving, update profile information, and more. It makes it easier for us to connect throughout the week and know what’s happening.


    News – Keeps everyone up-to-date with the latest posts, photos, and events for your group and for your church as a whole


    Posts –Comment on posts made by your group leader    

    Photos – Capture your moments together and share them with your group, if enabled


    Events – See event details (date, time, location, etc.), submit your RSVP, and sign up to bring something


    Files – Access your groups shared files

    Messages – Send your entire group, or select individuals, a message that starts a conversation


    Participants – See names and basic profile details for the people in your church or group, based on their privacy settings


    Notification Settings – Manage your preferences for group notifications and emails

  • Per Realm's website, "System requirements change as new versions of iOS and Android release. To see the latest compatibility information, please see the app information on the Apple app store or on Google Play." 

    Please note if you do not meet system requirements on your device to install the app you can always log in through your web browser at


  • Your information is your information.

    1.      You have complete control over who can see your contact and personal information.

    2.      Contact information is never public or searchable on the Internet. Any information you elect to make visible to your church family is always protected behind a login.

    3.     Authorized staff will always have access to your profile information.

    4.     You and certain authorized staff may update your profile information. In some cases, your group leader may update your contact information if you have made it visible to group leaders.

    5.     For safety reasons, sharing contact and personal information for children under 18 is limited. Parents determine whether or not to display their child’s name in the church directory.

    6.     Children under 13 may not participate and will not be able to sign in.

    What People May See

    By default, the viewing of your contact and personal information is limited to members of groups you are in, group leaders, and staff members. If you choose to, however, you can make your information visible to the entire church. But if you prefer to be more private, you can customize how people see specific information*.


    Contact Information: Name, Address, Phones, and Email.


    Personal Information: Martial Status, Family Position, Member Status, but you also have the option of sharing your birthday, gender, allergy information, and skills with people in your church.*

    If you are a group leader or host an event, certain contact information may be visible regardless of the settings you choose..

    Privacy Settings


    Everyone – Like a church directory listing, everyone in our church will be able to see whatever profile information is marked as visible to everyone.


    My Groups + Group Leaders + Church Staff – This setting means information will only be shared with the people you are involved with at church. This is the default setting.


    Group Leader + Church Staff – You would use this setting if you wanted to keep some profile information hidden from anyone who is not a group leader or on staff.


    Church Staff Only – This setting effectively removes you from the church directory. Your information will only be available to authorized church staff. **


    Custom Privacy – Choose different privacy levels for specific contact fields and personal information. You can do this in two places: when you edit your profile information or when you manage your privacy settings.***

    **While you can hide the majority of your information from most of your church, you should know that, regardless of your settings, contact data will still be visible to certain members of our church staff.

    ***The directory page shows all individuals who have a login, along with individuals without a login who have been opted-in to the directory. Currently, individuals with a login cannot opt out of being listed in the directory.

    Family Privacy

    A family member with a primary position such as “Head” or “Spouse” can change privacy settings for other members of the family and opt family members into the church directory.

    Birthdays are required for children (as a means to prohibit access), but it’s up to you if you want to share the birth date with your church family.

  • You can choose which groups and teams you receive notifications from and how you receive those notifications. You can also manage your email address and daily digest email settings.

    Realm Website:

    1. Click on your name in the upper-right corner, and in the notifications section, click Connect.

    2. If you want to receive email or text notifications but are unsubscribed, click subscribe. Then, select or enter your email or phone number. If you already have an email address or phone number associated with your profile, you can also choose to update this information.

    3. If you want to change your email or phone number, click the pencil icon. Then, click the link to update your email address or manage the phone numbers on your profile.

    4. To unsubscribe from email notifications, click the pencil icon, then select unsubscribe and click done. If you unsubscribe, you will completely disable group newsfeed and inbox notifications.

    5. To change notification settings for a group or team, click the down arrow next to the group or team name. Then, select the type of notifications you would like to receive. 


    • If you see a box with a line through it in the text column, this means that texting is not enabled for that group or team.
    • Inbox notifications for teams include both inbox messages and assignment information.

    Realm Connect App:

    For IOS Devices: Click the three-dot more button on the bottom right, then click the circle in the top left with your initials. Click notification settings from the menu that appears. From here you can choose your notification settings. We suggest keeping push notifications enabled so you do not miss important information. 

    For Android Devices: Open Connect app. Click the three-lines icon in the top left, Click settings from the menu that appears. From here you can choose your notification settings. We suggest keeping push notifications enabled so you do not miss important information. 

  • Log in to your NCS Giving account. Click on "sign in" under our logo. Locate your recurring gifts listed, click the trash can logo to the right of the gift. If you have multiple gifts set up, you will want to do this for each gift. 

    Need additional assistance, call, 412-371-2307 x15, or email Gus Anderson, Treasurer.