inspiring an everyday faith

Hebron Students exists to create an environment where teens can:

Find a place to BELONG

Take steps to GROW

SERVE and make a difference

  • 6th-8th Graders

    6th-8th Grade

    These years move fast. This is the phase where changes move even faster. Most of what a student thinks about faith is shaped in these short years. The biggest question that we cover with this group is based around Identity and helping them discover who it is God has made them to be.   Big Question: Who am I? 

  • 9th-12th Grade

    If you thought the Middle School Years moved fast...High School moves past in a blink. Milestones like car keys and Prom take over. Independence is like a whirlwind. While they are still working out their Identity some larger questions become center stage. Big Questions: Who will I be? & What matters to me? 


    We believe that the best way to raise up this next generation is in partnership with those who have the greatest potential impact on students lives. In these increasing difficult times, you need to know that we have your back too. You also have questions that you will engage with over the rest of their lives. It doesn't end when they get the cap and gown. Big Questions: How do I relate to them, now?