Looking for people who stand out and fit in. 


There is a pretty unique opportunity here. Whether you are fresh into ministry, looking to revive your calling or Jesus just called you - you could find yourself here. We have 2 roles available. 1 that Focuses on Kids and 1 Students. 

Standing on legacy but pushing into new territory is what we are doing. 

We will try things. Some will work, some may not. But, we won't back down.

You will receive consistent encouragement, relevant feedback and an in house Certified Ministry Coach and Family Ministry Veteran as your overseeing leader. We are here to do good work. Want to get involved? 

Here are the position descriptions

Family Life Ministry Associate (Kids) 

Family Life Ministry Associate (Students) 

The Onboarding Process

1. Intro Phone Call

2. Meet with Director of Family Life Ministry

3. Onsite Experience with Personnel Debrief

4. Personnel and Staff Meetings

5. Compensation Evaluation & Offer

6. Training

If you are interested then call 412-371-2307 or

Email Dan Bender danb@hebrononline.org