As part of our ongoing responsibility to equip believers, Hebron's Adult Discipleship Team (ADT)  operates a training program called “The Christian Discipleship Institute” (CDI). The purpose of CDI is to teach believers the biblical and theological background necessary for discipleship, ministry and Christian leadership, and how to put that knowledge into practice. This training program involves a long-term commitment of time, energy, and finances, and will strengthen lay leadership in various ministry areas.


Each CDI group will consist of between eight to ten people who will learn and work together for an extended period of time, sharpening their ability to reach our community with the love of God.


Participants in the CDI will be exposed to a mixture of educational and practical ministry challenges. The core of the program involves completing ten six-week courses. The course work focuses on biblical study and application, Christian discipleship, basic theology, and developing ministry skills, and will be taught by qualified clergy and educators.

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