• The Blessing Board is a Christ-centered, non profit organization that picks up and receives donated furniture, appliances and household goods then re-donates them to people who need them. A volunteer-based organization, TBB's vision is that everyone being served and serving there experiences wholeness. In a world of brokenness and alienation, the Lord of the Gospel alone offers that to us. Everyone who comes to TBB receives a copy of the New Testament and is exposed to the love of Christ through the volunteers serving them. 

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  • Each year thousands of Chinese students and scholars are introduced to the gospel through COM ministry on university campuses. As many become followers of Jesus, we walk alongside them, equipping them to live out their faith in their families, communities, and professions. Each year, COM sends transformed Christian leaders back to China, prepared and committed to being ambassadors of the gospel for their own people and culture.

    China Outreach Ministries is an incorporated, nonprofit organization committed to the historic evangelical Christian faith. COM works cooperatively with a variety of ministries and churches to serve the whole body of Christ and is not officially connected to a particular church or denomination.

    • We offer hospitality, social activities, conversational English, and a variety of practical services to help Chinese students and scholars succeed.
    • As we build friendships, we share Christ and offer Bible studies.
    • We mentor and disciple those who come to Christ and, working with local churches and ministries as much as possible, help believers who return to China become Christ-like leaders for their families, communities, and professions.
  • The CYN fosters the planting, partnering, and networking of relational, Christ-centered youth ministry to the ends that youth can be introduced to the Gospel and grows into a mature relationship with Christ. Their goals and objectives are to: plant relational, Christ-centered, community based youth ministry on islands, partner with Caribbean organizations in order to serve them, and the networking of youth.

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  • People often think that healthcare for the poor is second-class healthcare. This has never been the case at ELFHCC. In 2009, we provided nearly 40,000 encounters of "whole-person" care for 8,500 patients. Our most recent patient satisfaction rate was over 95%. ELFHCC operates two comfortable, attractive offices staffed by 18 doctors, all of whom have made and kept a long-term commitment to this practice. Medical Assistance recipients make up approximately 25% of the service area's population, with an estimated 27% completely uninsured. Unemployment is almost 14%, more than double the State and County rates. Health status indicators in the Center's service area are higher than City and County rates across the board. 

  • Ethnos360

    Dave and Fran Jordan

    David and Fran Jordan are missionaries among the Prai people in northern Thailand. The Prai are a poor mountain tribe numbering about 30,000 in Thailand with more in the neighboring country of Laos. The Jordan’s ministry is Bible translation and church planting with the goal of seeing a mature church established among the Prai people. For this to take place the Bible must be translated and taught, believers discipled, and Bible lessons provided for progressive foundational teaching. Dave and a small team of Prai are presently making extensive changes to the translation  I Corinthians.

  • The Hendrickson family began on September 8, 2001. After a typical Christian College experience, Barrett and Carrie got married. They started out in a small apartment working in student ministry, eating frozen pizzas and Oreos until they bought their first home, which they dubbed "Stopornot Manor". They successfully grew an amaryllis and kept a dog alive before making the bold decision to grow their family. Cortina, Paisley, and Soren replaced the flower and dog. The family grew when Marissa (Pete) joined full-time in 2016.

    In the years since 2001, the Hendricksons have continued to believe that the Lord has called them into ministry, Barrett and Carrie have pursued this call by working with students, the children joining them as they all seek to show people the light of Christ, and how faith in Him is essential to a full life, to the glory of God.

    When the Caribbean Youth Network and Kirk of the Pines called, they knew this was the place for them to continue seeking to reach new people with the love of Christ.

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  • Lost and found Pharmacy

    Lost and Found Pharmacy's mission is to extend the love of Jesus Christ through offerings of quality products and services to increase the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of all.

    We are committed to establishing a nonprofit pharmacy in the Penn Hills community to further the Kingdom of God and serve the community. While we have many goals for our community the heart of it will be to aid the under-served along with the rest of the community, while assuring that everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

    Lost and Found Pharmacy was established as a corporation on November 7, 2007. The pharmacy received its 501(c)3 nonprofit tax status in January 2009. On June 3, 2016, our vision came to fruition as we opened the doors of Lost and Found Pharmacy, Inc.

  • Penn Hills service Association

    Penn Hills Service Association has been serving people in Penn Hills and surrounding areas for over 50 years, providing food, clothing, convalescent aids, bedding and other household needs. This has been made possible in part by generous donations from the people of Hebron Church and other area churches and businesses. In addition to greatly appreciated financial donations, every third Sunday, Hebron members also donate specific food items needed to keep the pantry at PHSA well stocked. Ed Hoover, the director of PHSA says their motto, "people helping people in Penn Hills" says it all.

  • pittsburgh younglife

    Robbie Rubio

    Robbie has been ministering to middle school and high school students since 2008. His most recent ministry was as a Young Life Area Director in the wealthy suburbs of northern Virginia. Two years ago, he felt the Lord tugging on his heart to relocate, so he began praying about where that might be. Growing up in a single parent home, with a mother who worked hard to make ends meet, he felt called to a ministry with those of a similar background.


    When the East Hills position at Young Life opened, he jumped at the opportunity to serve there. Robbie and his fiancé, Andriena, will be married in August 2020.

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  • The schmidt family

    Dan and Courtney Schmidt - and their 3 small children (Ethan, Nate, and Evie) have been living and serving at Rift Valley Academy in the heart of Kenya, East Africa. The Christian boarding school exists to care and nurture children whose parents are full-time missionaries in Africa. The school exists in a 3 month "on" and a one month "off" time (where the children then go to be with their parents wherever they are working/serving as Christian missionaries). The Schmidt's missionary work is whole-heartedly teaching, coaching, parenting, dorm-parenting, discipling, leading, learning and growing alongside these RVA children.

  • At Serge, we see God weaving together the ragged parts of our lives with His goodness, making the tattered beautiful. This is the power of the gospel at work in and through us, transforming our weakness and the world’s brokenness—God’s grace at the fray. Serge-Mission unites believers with opportunities to live out and share the gospel around the world. This happens through community and business development, combating poverty and slavery, health care, discipleship, equipping, and church planting.

  • St. James Fellowship

    Rev. John Patterson

    St. James Fellowship is a Christian Mission directed by Rev. John Patterson. He and a team of ministry associates serve in three assisted living facilities, one nursing home, and two independent living centers. Rev. John also visits people in their homes and apartments who are either disabled or aging. The work of the Fellowship involves proclaiming the Good News of Christ, teaching God’s Word, giving the sacrament of Holy Communion, and counseling the hurting. His work is that of a pastor, evangelist, and chaplain combined. This mission is committed to showing the love of Christ in word and deed to those who are aging, physically or mentally disabled, and to people who care for them.

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  • Urban Impact

    Andrew churchill

    Since 2009 Andrew Churchill has served with Urban Impact as a missionary to youth and families on the North Side of Pittsburgh. Through a wide range of athletic, performing arts and academic/career based ministries, Urban Impact seeks to fulfill Christ's Great Commission through investing in the spiritual, social, and academic growth of at-risk youth and their families. A long-time Hebron member, Andrew's role in the ministry is centered around athletics and community development, and is three-fold in mission: (1) to prepare the way for Christ to transform lives through the planning and administration of Gospel-centered programs; (2) to proclaim Good News through Bible teaching and curriculum development; and (3) to equip the Saints, whether volunteers or students, to serve God and love their neighbors!

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  • We empower abortion-vulnerable women to choose life. Since 1985, our Centers have provided life-affirming pregnancy services to thousands of families in Pittsburgh. In 2009, our Centers re-organized as WCN with a vision to offer these services in neighborhoods with greatest need. We currently serve in Oakland, Monroeville Mall, North Side, and Wexford.

  • YoungLives is a Christian mentoring program for pregnant and parenting teen girls. We welcome teen moms into a community of support, through fun monthly Club events (including dinner and babysitting), Bible studies, and an annual camp. We help girls to get connected with the physical support that they need, as well as offering encouragement, friendships with other teen moms, and unconditional love from a committed mentor. When teen moms are introduced to Jesus Christ, He gives them hope for their future and for the future of their children. Jayme King is the area director for East Hills and the surrounding area.