Hebron Students-scattered

We will not be meeting together in the same building, but we are meeting, learning and grow together as the Scattered Church.

Our Facebook and Instagram are being used to communicate with students. Please continue to use these platforms for the most current information and connection for what is going on.

You can also watch the video recognizing our seniors

Daily Video

Monday - Friday

Our leaders will be providing a 3-4 minute video 5 days a week to encourage students and read Scripture together. Each new video is loaded in the evenings on IGTV and Facebook

thicket & vine

We will be meeting on Wednesday night for THICKET at 7 PM- CLICK HERE and Sunday night for VINE at 8 PM, ZOOM LINK. We will meet through a video meeting app called ZOOM.  You will need to download the app and then we will post the meeting link the day of the meeting. Text Carrie for the password! 412-401-8911


Do you have Netflix? Let's have a movie night on Friday at 7 PM! 

Here are the steps

1) Must have a Netflix account

2) You need to watch on a desktop/laptop that has Chrome

3) Download Netflix Party

4) Get link here or on Social Media platforms

5) Copy link and paste into your Chrome address bar

6) Click the NP in your Chrome extensions

7) Any problems call or text Carrie