Here you can find our current schedule for Thicket and Vine.

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thicket & vine

Due to Covid-19 we will be meeting a little differently this year. Starting Sunday September 13 we will be meeting on a regular basis for both Thicket and Vine. Each grade will meet at the church around once a month with the other weeks being outside the church at a house/park. Please do bring a mask in the event that we go inside. The schedule will go as follows:

Vine (High School)                                                Thicket (Middle School)

Sundays 7-9 PM                                                     Wednesdays 7-8:30 PM             

Sept. 13     12th grade at church                         Sept. 16 8th grade at church

Sept. 20     11th grade at church                         Sept. 23 7th grade at church

Sept. 27     10th grade at church                         Sept. 30 6th grade at church

Oct. 4         9th grade at church                            Oct. 7     8th grade at church

Oct. 11      12th grade at church                          Oct. 14   7th grade at church

Oct. 18      11th grade at church                          Oct. 21   6th grade at church

Oct. 25      10th grade at church                          Oct. 28   8th grade at church

If you are unsure where your student meets outside of their day at the church, please contact Derick Kelly @ either 814-661-5149 or

Who are the new guys?

Take a look at this interview featuring the new worship director Brendan Conway and the new youth director Derick Kelly!



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