It is our intention to make this a central hub and spot where you can find our weekly worship services, some educational and/or devotional content provided by the staff, important updates, and other resources we believe might help you sustain and develop a greater trust and reliance on our Lord during this time.

Treat this particular page as a menu for an overview of each ministry's activities during this scattered time. There are clickable links to go to each ministry's particular scattered page.

We have been all affected by this virus, and encouraged to keep from gathering. However we would like to take this opportunity to encourage worship in the home. Instead of doing a continuous live stream, we are segmenting out our elements of worship, so you can walk through worship in your home. 
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We have a unique opportunity as the Church Scattered to continue with growing together in the word, building community and doing it all Scatted and online.

You will find lessons from Doug, Henry, hymn stories from Amy, wisdom from Jerry.

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We have some pretty thoughtful people at Hebron. We wanted to give them a chance to encourage others by writing their own posts, devotionals, and thoughts while we are in this period of uncertainty.

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Families! We are excited to connect with you and your family through videos, video calls and so much more. Help your kidz feel part of the community and keep up to date with God Time Cards, Large Group Gatherings and the theme throughout the week. Join us as a family in the Church Scattered.

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Inviting all women to join us virtually in prayer throughout the month of April on Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 3:14 pm. We KNOW that God wants to be in communion with us - through the struggles and the blessings.

Together we will take our praises and petitions to our Heavenly Father.

You will be able to sign on to join the group, PAUSE to PRAY, beginning on TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS at 3 pm. Kelly will begin the time of prayer beginning with the Ephesians 3:14 @ 3:14 pm. She will facilitate the prayer time and then close out the time at 3:45 pm.

You are invited to join every time, once a week, or sporadically as you are able.

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A list of our recent internal resources and external resources that our staff has chosen to highlight. Go to resources