4th/5th grade retreat

4th and 5th Graders

Family Night Lights

Date: Friday, October 6, 2017

               Friday, December 1, 2017

Time:  6:30-8:00pm

Location: Barclay Building

Cost: Free

What is Family Night Lights?

A place where kidz bring their parents to have fun and learn about Jesus. There is a 30-minute fun, interactive, multi-media production that includes music, video, sketches and comedy to talk about Jesus in a relevant and engaging. way. The night also includes Family games and dessert!

Who should attend Family Night Lights?

Kidz AND their Parents. 

Families may bring other families, too.  There may be a family that you've wanted to bring to church but the time was never "right."  Family Night Lights is the perfect time and place to invite family friends.  

What do we talk about at Family Night Lights?

We talk about God, Faith and Life Applications. 

Life Applications are something God is doing inside of us to change the world around us.