pro•ject is preparing to send the next generation of the Church into the world by equipping Hebron's 18-23 year olds to engage, evangelize, and establish others in the gospel of Christ. We know that this is a very important time of transition in a young person's life, where they are leaving home and establishing independence. We want them to believe that the fellowship of believers is a vital element of their adult lives. Whether they have been brought up in the Church, or they are new to the faith, we want to help them continue to grow in that faith, and to be disciples who are making disciples of Jesus Christ. By engaging our young people in Bible study, prayer, accountability, service to the church, and social activities, our hope is that they will recognize the role they have to play in the growth of the Church, and they will continue to participate in the life of a congregation; at Hebron presently, or another place in the future.