• The Blessing Board

    The Blessing Board is a Christ-centered, non profit organization that picks up and receives donated furniture, appliances and household goods then re-donates them to people who need them. A volunteer-based organization, TBB's vision is that everyone being served and serving there experiences wholeness. In a world of brokenness and alienation, the Lord of the Gospel alone offers that to us. Everyone who comes to TBB receives a copy of the New Testament and is exposed to the love of Christ through the volunteers serving them. 

  • The CYN fosters the planting, partnering, and networking of relational, Christ-centered youth ministry to the ends that youth can be introduced to the Gospel and grows into a mature relationship with Christ. Their goals and objectives are to: plant relational, Christ-centered, community based youth ministry on islands, partner with Caribbean organizations in order to serve them, and the networking of youth.


  • People often think that healthcare for the poor is second-class healthcare. This has never been the case at ELFHCC. In 2009, we provided nearly 40,000 encounters of "whole-person" care for 8,500 patients. Our most recent patient satisfaction rate was over 95%. ELFHCC operates two comfortable, attractive offices staffed by 18 doctors, all of whom have made and kept a long-term commitment to this practice. Medical Assistance recipients make up approximately 25% of the service area's population, with an estimated 27% completely uninsured. Unemployment is almost 14%, more than double the State and County rates. Health status indicators in the Center's service area are higher than City and County rates across the board. 

  • Ethnos360

    Dave and Fran Jordan

    David and Fran Jordan are missionaries among the Prai people in northern Thailand. The Prai are a poor mountain tribe numbering about 30,000 in Thailand with more in the neighboring country of Laos. The Jordan’s ministry is Bible translation and church planting with the goal of seeing a mature church established among the Prai people. For this to take place the Bible must be translated and taught, believers discipled, and Bible lessons provided for progressive foundational teaching. Dave and a small team of Prai are presently making extensive changes to the translation  I Corinthians. 

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  • Penn Hills Service Association has been serving people in Penn Hills and surrounding areas for over 50 years, providing food, clothing, convalescent aids, bedding and other household needs. This has been made possible in part by generous donations from the people of Hebron Church and other area churches and businesses. In addition to greatly appreciated financial donations, every third Sunday, Hebron members also donate specific food items needed to keep the pantry at PHSA well stocked. Ed Hoover, the director of PHSA says their motto, "people helping people in Penn Hills" says it all.

  • P.R.I.S.M. is a Christian outreach program whose mission is to reach out to International students in the Pittsburgh area to help in welcoming them to this country. We offer helpful activities such as English as a second language classes, and other fellowship opportunities. P.R.I.S.M. offers practical help rooted in Christian love and principles. Hebron is a ministry partner with P.R.I.S.M. by supporting the ministry of Jeanne Griffith and direct participation in P.R.I.S.M. Open Houses and Friendship partners. Visit the P.R.I.S.M. website for more information.

  • St. James Fellowship

    Rev. John Patterson

    The St. James Fellowship is a Christian Ministry directed by Rev. John Patterson. He is the Chaplain at eight Eastern Pittsburgh personal care facilities and also makes visits in homes and rehabilitation centers. The work of the fellowship involves proclaiming the Good News of Christ, teaching God’s Word, giving the sacrament of Holy Communion, and counseling the hurting. This mission is committed to showing the love of Christ in word and in deed to those who are aging, physically or mentally disabled, and to the ones who care for them.

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  • Urban Impact

    Andrew churchill

    Since 2009 Andrew Churchill has served with Urban Impact as a missionary to youth and families on the North Side of Pittsburgh. Through a wide range of athletic, performing arts and academic/career based ministries, Urban Impact seeks to fulfill Christ's Great Commission through investing in the spiritual, social, and academic growth of at-risk youth and their families. A long-time Hebron member, Andrew's role in the ministry is centered around athletics and community development, and is three-fold in mission: (1) to prepare the way for Christ to transform lives through the planning and administration of Gospel-centered programs; (2) to proclaim Good News through Bible teaching and curriculum development; and (3) to equip the Saints, whether volunteers or students, to serve God and love their neighbors!

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  • YoungLives

    YoungLives is a Christian based mentoring program that changes lives two generations at a time. Joy Malloy is area director for East Hills and surrounding area. We assist teen moms with improving their lives as well as their babies.They meet with a Mentor, have Bible Study ,and a Club once a month with dinner, babysitting, and fun. If you would like to assist in any of the events and clubs.

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  • Promise Camp

    family guidance

    Family Guidance’s Promise Camp is one of Pennsylvania’s finest camping ministries for at-risk youth. The program is specifically designed to minister to the needs of kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. The highly relational program ministers to “survivors” of the next generation, unlike many camp programs that cater to the “achievers”. The hope Jesus Christ offers is presented in a winsome way, and many children find Christ each summer at camp. Activities at camp instill self-confidence and help campers develop team-building and relational skills. Camp is usually children’s first opportunity to go away from home, and many are asking the questions for which only Jesus has the answers.

  • serge - North Africa

    At Serge, we see God weaving together the ragged parts of our lives with His goodness, making the tattered beautiful. This is the power of the gospel at work in and through us, transforming our weakness and the world’s brokenness—God’s grace at the fray. Serge-Mission unites believers with opportunities to live out and share the gospel around the world. This happens through community and business development, combating poverty and slavery, health care, discipleship, equipping, and church planting.

  • We empower abortion-vulnerable women to choose life. Since 1985, our Centers have provided life-affirming pregnancy services to thousands of families in Pittsburgh. In 2009, our Centers re-organized as WCN with a vision to offer these services in neighborhoods with greatest need. We currently serve in Oakland, Monroeville Mall, North Side, and Wexford.